Smoked Herring – Kippers!

Top result today, the sun was finally shining after a week or two of terrible weather and I went to the local fishmongers. While ordering the boring cod and some other fish I didnt know the name of and was going to remember until … I spotted some yellowed fish with a Herringbone like pattern on them. They could not be could they? They look like they are? No way? Yes way!

Smoked Herring or as they are known throughout the Red Dwarf Universe … Smoke me a kipper, I’ll be back for breakfast!

When I was young I use to live near a smoke house and the smell was amazing and I love smoked anything, especially herring.

Now the problem with smoked fish is that they do rather smell the house out and as much as I love the aroma others may not be so appreciative. is there a way to cook or eat smoked kippers without causing a stink? The good thing about smoked herring or kippers are that they are nearly or are already “cooked” during the smoking process. So they do not need the same amount of cooking as a fresh fillet of fish.

I found this recipe and method of how to cook smoked herrings (kippers) and adapted it slightly. The brilliant thing about this method of cooking smoked herring (kippers) is that you do not need to fry or cook the smoked herring (kippers). You just put the smoked herring (kippers) in a pan and cover it with boiling water for 15 minutes. This softens the smoked herring (kippers), takes out some of the saltiness and means you can break or up shred the smoked herring (kippers). Then you add an onion, pepper and anything else you fancy to it and mix them together. Then heat up some olive oil in a pan until it is smoking hot and pour it over the smoked herring (kippers) mixture to slightly cook it!

I changed it slightly as I am not a great fan of raw onions so I added them and the peppers to the oil while it as warming up. Then I took them out and added them to the smoked herring (kippers) and then heated the oil up until it was smoking and added it to the mixture.

The result? Fishy fingers! And a house that, unfortunately, did not smell to the highest of heavens of smoked herring (kippers).

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