shallow fried calamari rings (squid)

Squid! You either love it or hate it and I love it. You can eat calamari (the Italian name for squid) in many ways but the best ways are the simplest.

You have to either flash fry calamari in 1 to 2 minutes or cook it and love it long time. So I am told and read in the cooking books.

One of the best ways to eat calamari rings is covered in olive oil and hot paprik1, with a lovely drop of aguardiente to help the calamari rings go down. Another Spanish way is to eat calamari cooked fresh by a food stall at the side of the road in Spain with lemon juiced squeeze all over it.

While these are great ways of cooking and eating calamari I decided to go for the shallow fried calamari option.

How do you cook calamari? All you need to do when cooking shallow fried calamaris is:

1 wash the calamari that you want to shallow fry

2 dip the calamari in seasoned flour – I used Chinese 5 spice and lots of ground chili cayenne as fish seems to negate the hotness of spices

3 dip and cover the calamari in whisked eggs

4 pick the calamari out with tongs or i suggest a chop stick through the hole in the center of the calamari ring so you open up the calamari ring and can get rid of the excess batter mixture

5 drop the individual calamari rings into hot oil about 1 inch deep although 1 cm will do. Shallow fry the calamari rings for only 1 or 2 minutes, turning over until each side is golden brown

6 eat the calamari rings with a squeeze of lemon and aguardiente

I would suggest that you don’t try cooking anything else that requires attention while cooking shallow fried calamari rings because cooking  shallow fried calamari rings takes all your time and attention.

Also remember that when you cook shallow fried calamari rings the raw amount you start with doubles in physical size by the end of it because of the batter!


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