Frying breaded fish instructions

Cooking fillets of fish by frying breaded fish – Instructions on how to pan fry breaded fish fillets

A very easy way to cook fillets of fish and make you realise how much poorer the supermarket frozen versions taste is to shallow fry your fish fillets in bread crumps. Fried breaded fish takes the same time to cook as above with only a tiny bit of preparation.

  • 3 flat bottomed largish containers with bread crumbs and flour sperated in 2 of them and in the other a couple of egg beaten up with some milk
  • heat the pan up, then add a decent amount of oil to make a bit of a pool of oil, wait a while then drop in a bread crumb or two and when they sizzle you are ready to add the fish
  • Season the fish on both sides with salt and pepper, place 1 fillet in the flour and turn it over making sure that it is covered, then place the floured fish fillet into the egg/milk mixture and make sure its surface is all covered with the liquid, now put the mixture covered fish fillet into the bread crumbs (both sides) and push down gentle to make sure all of the surface is covered and then place it into the pan
  • Depending on how hot you have the pan and how thick the fillets are your shallow fried breaded fish fillets should be ready to eat within 5-10 minutes 🙂

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