Cooking smoked fish without causing a stink

How do you cook smoked fish without causing a stink or a smell in the house? How can you cook and eat smoked fish like kippers (smoked herring) without making a very fishy smell that stinks the house out?

There are a few methods and one of the easiest is cooking in a liquid (poaching). With smoked fish the liquid is normally something like water or a water/milk combination. It is different to the cooking fresh fish method of ‘court bouillon’ that you create a flavoured stock.

As you are cooking the smoked fish such as smoked herring (kippers) in water it does not burn fat and produce lots of smoke, so you dont stink the house out. No burning fat no very smelly house or smell. Which is also a shame in its own way!

The other benefits of cooking smoked fish in a liquid are that it makes it very moist and tender and you can easily shred it, and it takes out a little bit of the salt.

The easiest way to cook smoked fish without creating a stink is to boil up some water and then put the smoked fish in a pan, cover with a lot of water and cover it all with the pan lid. Leave it for around 15 minutes and at the end of this time it will be soft and as someone once sung

Rock and pool is nice and cool
So juicy sweet…
Our only wish to catch a fish
So juicy sweet…

You can then empty the water and shred the fish and add anything you want to.


A great idea is to heat up some oil in a pan and add onions, peppers and other stuff and then pour that over the fish. Give it a quick mash up then enjoy.

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